The year is 2378, it has been a little over two years since the end of the devastating and brutal Dominion War. Starfleet is in the process of rebuilding, but it takes time. The War left many scars. For now, Starfleet scrapes by with ships that ought to be retired. Some days, it seems as if the Mercury should be on that list.

Even with all her problems, the Mercury is the most capable ship in Starfleet’s Sixth Fleet. In that capability, the Mercury is beginning a mission of exploration and guiding the long road to recovery.

Mercury is part of the Manheim Fleet. a member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. You can check them out at slasims.com

This means very little change for the individual simmer, we’re still the same simm we always have been.

I am encouraging each of you to sign up for their forums at http://tenforward.slasims.com It’s another place we can interact, and show them what we really are… (er… maybe not, we dun wanna scare ’em too badly) So join up there, and let’s try and behave, K?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Welcome aboard USS Mercury!